We Are Helping To Rebuild Rwanda

Rwanda is an African miracle. Rwanda was a failed state in 1994. A genocide had just killed a million Tutsi and moderate Hutus, and there was no government, police, hospitals, banks, schools, or even currency. Today, Rwanda is safe, corruption free, and clean with an effective restorative justice program, universal health care, and a democratic government with over 60% women. Yes, a miracle.


Teaching Spoken English to Rwanda’s Teachers

Since its inception, the Rwanda English Project has taught spoken English to over 350 teachers in 17 schools, impacting over 30,000 students. In addition, spoken English is taught to student teachers in 2 teacher training colleges, a rehabilitation center, and two communities (Nyamata and Mayange) to community leaders, bike boys and shop girls. The project is implemented by trained Rwandan school teachers. Initially, they received the spoken English instruction, with those showing higher English proficiency becoming instructors of their teacher peers, and the best of them becoming coaches, managers and finally trainers.

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The Rwanda English Project

About Rwanda

Rwanda is a changed place. No longer a country of tribalism, despair and corruption. Their history is troubled and sad.

About Us

We are educators with the collective experience of over 6 decades, fell in love with Rwanda and its people and wanted to help.

What We Do

The Rwanda English Project has taught spoken English to over 350 teachers in 17 schools, impacting over 30,000 students.


Help Us In Educating Rwanda’s Teachers

Our job is providing financial and technical support as well as a vision for scaling up schools and teachers. This can be very expensive. Rwanda aspires to be a middle-class economy by 2050. They want an educated citizenry to give them a seat at the international table of commerce and diplomacy. The only way we can do this is with your help.


Recent News

The Up Escalator

The Up Escalator

Kigali Airport Flight to Delhi in 2 hours. There we will train teachers to teach kids in "poverty" schools spoken English, an extension of what we do here in Rwanda.  Never having gone to India I am excited and ready for shock and delight. But before we leave our...

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Observing Instruction

Observing Instruction

This is the week for observing instruction. We drove about an hour out of Kigali; not a great distance, but slow. We left the 'main road', asphalted, decent.  Turned onto a dirt road. Dirt roads in Africa double as river beds. Long, deep channels run down the center...

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Recent Articles

Recent Articles

Recently there have been a couple of nice articles about Rwanda. Such remarkable story. The November National Geographic is all about women. The article about Rwanda highlights the remarkable restructuring of women's role in the country and highlights how the...

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